Xenobodies are purposed designed chimaeric enzymes (glutathione transferases) with engineered/altered/tunable xenobiotic-binding properties for biosensing, bioscavenging, biocatalysis and drug delivery.

Xenobodies are based on glutathione transferases – a family of proteins that normally bind small xenobiotic molecules such as drugs, pesticides, as well as steroids and lipids.

Xenobodies are produced with common recombinant DNA technology and can be engineered to suit  particular purposes.

Xenobodies are smaller than conventional antibody therapeutics, soluble, extremely stable and offer the potential for greater penetration into human cell and delivery through non-injectable routes.

Xenobodies are an exciting next generation multifunction proteins with the potential to offer a new targeted treatment options.


We have been working to drive forward progress on these novel molecules. We have developed proprietary Xenobody protein libraries, creating a diverse portfolio of novel enzyme candidates for biosensing, bioscavenging, biocatalysis and drug delivery.